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Statistics show that when your callers are placed on silent hold, 60% of them will hang up within a minute. With silence, that minute seems much longer than it actually is. People will often wonder if they may have been disconnected. So the caller hangs up in frustration. 30% of those callers do not call back. So is silence really golden?

Package Elements

Specialized Hardware

We install our own specialized phone system hardware to upload your customized on-hold messages.

Professional Productions

We work with you to develop the perfect script to meet your needs. Our profesional voice tallent then records your script and is ready to be uploaded to your system.


1Provide Important Information
16-20% of callers make a purchasing decision based on information they hear while on-hold.
2Increase Sales
Businesses experience a 20% increase in requests for additional products and services mentioned on-hold.
3Keep Callers on the Line
Providing information on-hold results in a 45% increase in caller retention (fewer hang-ups).

Music Licensing


With every On Hold Gold production you receive the license for the background music you choose.

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We turn silence into a golden opportunity to promote your products and services, as well as providing valuable information to your callers.








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